self portrait #1: photos

SOAR! Photography Exercise #1: Doing the Deeper Work

Here was my assignment:

“This is a Self Portrait Photography Exercise. You will take TWO Self Portraits.  One image will have you in the photo.  The second one will be an object that symbolizes you.  Both Self Portraits are meant to document where you are in your journey of life.  When you think about this present season of life–this monumental moment in your journey of being committed to SOAR!, being on your way to become a successful photographer…How do you feel?”

The next part of the exercise is to share your photos with others. I can do that. Without giving any explanation or excuses. This is where it gets harder. Because if you know me well you know I talk more than I listen. Which is something that I’ve been trying to work on for YEARS!, but I’m still not very good at.  Here’s to personal growth all over the place.

So here are my two photos:

Will you help me with the next part? The ladies at the confidence workshop last weekend shared their photos with a small group. Then the others in the group would complete 3 sentences about each photo: I see . . . , I think . . ., I feel . . .

So please, tell me what you see, think, and feel when you look at my first two self portraits. And then it’s my turn to extract my tongue from my teeth and tell you what I was going for!


365 project: days 22-26

January 22, 2010 {day 22}

January 23, 2010 {day 23}

January 24, 2010 {day 24}

January 25, 2010 {day 25}

January 26, 2010 {day 26}

Second Place!

I got second place in the i {heart} faces logo photo contest! I would have loooved to win the telephoto lens for first place, but being recognized is still fun. I’ll be smiling all day.

Beginning Thoughts

When the SOAR! scholarship was announced many of us vowed that even if we weren’t one of the recipients we would follow along as the chosen three worked their ways towards that bright sun in our sky:  professional photography. Well here I am, the tag along who wasn’t exactly invited, but who hasn’t yet been told to bug off either. Me Ra’s first assignment was to write about your beginning thoughts. So here are mine.

6 weeks ago I promised myself that I was going to follow my dream of starting my own creative business.  I was not sure exactly what that would be, and I thought that I would try a few things and see which one took off. Maybe I would write a book of simple, cute clothing patterns for boys. Maybe I would turn some of my sketches of quilts into patterns. Maybe I would plan for a summer on the craft fair circuit selling my home sewn goodies. Although I had just sold my fancy sewing machine to buy my first digital SLR camera, I was not thinking of portrait photography, because honestly, that is for people who went to art school, right? And even though I enter photos in the county fair every year and have won a few ribbons and have never entered anything that I have sewn, I am a sewer, not a photographer, right?

Well, Me Ra Koh told me that I was wrong. That even though I did not go to art school I can still learn portrait photography. And even though my 35th birthday is just around the corner, I can still reinvent myself any way that I choose.  As I watched Me Ra’s video introducing the SOAR! scholarship I knew she would change my life. And she has. I have never before thought of myself as a photographer. And now I do.  A complete stranger to give me permission to dream. So I did.

My dream is to be a portrait photographer. Yes, being a SOAR! scholarship recipient would be amazing, but my dream is bigger than that. So I’m going for it. And it feels so good. It feels good to want something for myself that is also good for my family. It is a little bit crowded right now squeezing one more thing in to my life, but all the other things are slowly moving over to give photography more room. It is not going to be a quick transformation, but that is good, too. I’m going to take this journey slowly and savor every step of the way.

I usually photograph people on the fly, just doing whatever they are doing. For this contest there was a lot of time spent setting up the props and posing the models. It was a fun change of pace, and the whole family got into it. Bjorn helped me experiment with different Photoshop and Paint techniques to get the lettering on the truck, and Cohen is now a reflection chaser as well as an incredibly patient model. Emmett mostly splashed through the mud and ran away from the camera, but hey, life is good when you are two! And my next door neighbor, who was not so into the family Christmas photo shoot last month, enjoyed being the one to tag my back shed. And of course, the ice cream. Who wouldn’t love that? I always thought that shooting on the fly was the way to get the most natural photos, but this week I experienced the opposite. When I gave the kids a little direction they seemed to feel more comfortable. Not a strict pose, but a little coaching to take the pressure off. Maybe just the act of talking when I was shooting made them feel less on the spot. I’m going to try that more often- a little direction, a bit of conversation. I’m excited to try it out.







I am submitting these photos into the I Heart Faces logo photo contest. By entering, I am granting I Heart Faces LLC permission to consider my photo for use in the marketing and promotion of this website.

365 project: day 2

The art of mothering is finding real joy in the simple events of everyday life.

365 project: day 1

Day: 1

January 1, 2010