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Bring all your colors, but leave your blues behind this time . . .

– from “Passenger Side” by Deadwood Revival

In the past week we’ve had some days full of color, except blue. Stormy, cloudy days where the fall colors practically glow against the gray sky. I love it.

fall maple leaves

fall dogwood leaves

multicolored maple leaves

pink leaves

yellow needles

leaves and puddle reflection

A good after the storm run-around.

10oct09 038

10oct09 039

And, of course, EXCELLENT sticks.

boys with sticks

Our nature table has never looked better.

nature table

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August makes me think of sunflowers and sunflowers make me think of my friend Turtle. Turtle, this is a bouquet from me to you. 🙂


sunflower with sunburst

09aug 208

And look what we found on one of the sunflowers:

praying mantis

And a sneak peek of what’s to come next season:

young pumpkin

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August 17, 2009

Today is Bjorn and my seventh wedding anniversary. I awoke to all my boys in the kitchen making waffles with our new waffle iron! I looove waffles, and we have not have had a waffle iron for years. The first waffle iron Bjorn and I had was a totally cute but practically antique little thing we bought at a garage sale. I can’t remember if it quit working or if I finally got too worried about the HOT cord, but we have not had it for years. So now, for our anniversary, Bjorn surprised me with a brand new waffle iron that even beeps when the waffles are done. A very important feature for a person as easily distracted as I am!

anniversary breakfast

our new waffle iron

Yesterday I sat down to draw a card for Bjorn, and of course Cohen wanted to join in. Cohen loves to draw and I love it when we draw together. Here are the love celebration cards that we came up with:

anniversary cards

sam-drawn card

Here’s to ever lasting love.

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My favorite tree is the Dogwood. They are native to our area, and Grass Valley is full of them. When we get to landscaping our yard I’d like to have a whole row of Dogwoods flanking my driveway.  To celebrate the warmer weather I’ve changed my header photo to dogwoods. These photos were taken of a tree on our street, my favorite Dogwood in Grass Valley.

09 dogwood 1

09 dogwwod 3

april 082

09 dogwood 5

09 dogwood 4

09 dogwwod 6

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Drawing Day

When Dave and Jude went to England in April we got to get out of the trailer for a few weeks and stay in their house. One rainy afternoon I was sitting at the dining room table drawing in my sketchbook. I was drawing a peacock to prepare to make a pattern for a quilt. I had some library books open to picture of peacocks and a varitety of pencils and erasers scattered on the table. Cohen climbed up next to me with his sketchbook and markers and started drawing his own peacock. We just sat there drawing together, until Emmett wanted to get in on the act. So I set Emmett up with his papers and stamps and we all had a nice drawing session.

What I love about Cohen’s drawing is the way he really thought about his own work. He would use the pencil for a bit, erase a little, use the pencil a little more, then color with markers. He constantly went back and forth between all his tools, even taking time to lean back and observe his own work, taking time to think and reflect. It was a really magical afternoon.

may 002

may 003

may 004

may 005

may 006

may 007

may 001

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What I love: Spring! Spring! Spring!

febuary blossom

hen and chick

march blossom

ponderosa pines

Makes me laugh: Emmett

yellow boots

I will need to post a video of Emmett walking in his long rain slicker and too big yellow boots! He is very cute!

feb lake

Me Creating:

Pine Cone Quilt

pinecone in process

Here is my pine cone quilt on the design wall. These are rough cut pieces, but you can see the overall color and design. This project has been slow going, but I’m very happy with how it is turning out. To make the pattern I took a photo of a pine cone, enlarged the picture to poster size, and then traced the important lines on a huge sheet of vellum. I used the vellum pattern to trace each piece on fusible web. I actually tried a few other methods before settling on fusible web. I prefer the look of hand applique, but I was trying to finish this by the beginning of March for a quilt guild challenge. Fusible applique is quicker than hand applique, but I still did not get close to finishing it on time. As I told Esme, I am embracing the chaos that comes from living in a travel trailer with a husband and two small kids, and part of that is that what gets does gets done, and what does not does not. Hakuna Matata. Once we move into the house I hope it will move along a bit faster. If I don’t get this one completed soon I’ll be too tired of it to continue! And speaking of moving into the house I will post a home tour in the next few weeks. The painters are in there now, and I am very excited to see how all of our color choices turned out!


zentangle #1

Here is my first Zentangle. A Zentangle is a meditative drawing of repetitive shapes. It is also a nice warm up for other creative activities. When I feel like drawing but don’t seem to have to courage to start something I’m going to try starting with a Zentnagle. It is not intimidating but still fills my creative urge. It also seems like great practive for quilting filler designs.

zentangle #1 closeup

I hope your day is filled with laughter, love, and creativity!

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